8 Fantastic Authentic Beauty of a Parisian Apartment Decor

What comes to your mind when you hear about the quintessential Parisian apartment? It will bring you back to the 19-th century, a classic and elegant Haussmanian building style. The signs are high ceilings, carved moldings, tall windows in French design, fireplace with marble, and oak floors. Even better, the design comes with wrought-iron for the balconies.

Other than that, Parisians also have another choice like living with chic and dreamy space. Since you want to complete your apartment décor with Parisian style, the first thing you should do is to work with the things you have had.

It is about the body that you just have to find the right outfit. You have the existing shape, history, and character of your room. Now, the next thing to do is having quirky layouts or beautiful architectural details. French does not always renovate all things that are out of their space.
If you need a real example of a Parisian apartment design, you can search on the internet for Merci apartment. Back in 1870, this apartment was built and it never got any renovation until it was in 2018.

Next, it is important to know that imperfections are always there, so you do not have to throw these things away. All spaces have their charm. So, what you should do is to highlight what is the special thing about space. You can refinish it with vintage pieces or secondhand items.

The French are also popular for their impeccable taste. They also know well how to create a picture-perfect space. For this reason, you should make each space of your home something in it. Don’t work too much sometimes there should be something that makes you laugh, it is okay. You do not have to hide everything to look perfect.

Here, you can take a look at all pictures in our gallery. We have collected some interesting Parisian apartment hacks to help.

image source : pinterest.com

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