15+ Awesome A Heritage Architecture with Contemporary Interior and Decorative Elements

Do you need more ideas on how to decorate in a contemporary look? If you like modern design but you do not want to change a lot of things from your current home styles, it is called contemporary. The modern interior looks cold and it has a minimalist design. However, contemporary design offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, clean lines, and no dark feeling.

So, what is the definition of contemporary style? It is about having a simple, yet the sophisticated home design that offers texture and clean lines. You want to maximize the space, not the things. Also, you have to concern about shape, color, and space.

Keep in mind that anytime you want to decorate your space with contemporary style, there are some good rules of thumb to know.

First, there are some design elements in contemporary styles. You need metal, stone, opaque, and clear glass as the decorative elements for the contemporary room. You need these things to warm-up space. To do so, you have to add fabrics with heavy texture in plain colors to complete window treatments, rugs, and pillows.

Next, it is important to not use colorful and fussy prints. They do not define a contemporary space. On the other hand, you will need two-tone prints. Use pillows with zebra print design, black chair with leather, large pillow with leopard print on a plain floor are also good.
Even better, you can add heavily textured rug such as striped design to add a solid-colored look. This is good to complete the sleek furniture ideas.

Other than that, contemporary rooms need flowers and plants but should be large. These additions are important to give a dramatic look. You will need simple containers for the plants. Remember that you should focus on plants with large blooms featured with interesting leaves. For other ideas, check out our gallery.

image source : pinterest.com

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