13 Wondrous Coastal Glam Decor For Your Bedroom

Glam bedroom ideas are possible to create even with coastal design. It is good for you if you like the beaches a lot. Coastal style means that it is one of the simplest ways to decorate your bedroom. If you want to complete your bedroom with the coastal design but you have no ideas to start, try these tips.

The first thing to do is choosing the right color. White is good for this style, but no strong rules are saying that you should stick to some colors only. It is good to start from one to two colors when it is all about decorating your bedroom with coastal style.

Next, you should choose the right accessories. It is possible to transform a plain room so it looks fancier and it has a coastal look without spending too much money on it. For example, you can add a great catch like objects to scour shorelines. Make sure that you also complete it with green, shells, and others.

Also, you should think of slipcovers and the right furnishings. To start, you will need slipcovers that can transform shabby into chic furniture. By doing this way, you will have glam bedroom ideas effortlessly.

If we are talking about the fabric, make sure that you go with muslin. Other than that, try to use osnaburg that is more affordable than canvas or linens.

The simplest way on how to fashion a slipcover for your coastal design is to drape the sofa in fabric. After that, you can add ties.

If you know someone has a sewing skill, try to sew a fitted slipcover. By doing this way, you will create a custom look for your sofa.

A shabby chic coastal bedroom design looks perfect if you have outdated furniture made of wood. This transformation looks great with the addition of a little bit of paint and sandpaper.

If you need more ideas, you can check the gallery here. Everything is all about glam bedroom ideas.

image source : pinterest.com

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