13 Easy DIY Hanging and Floating Wall Shelves on a Budget

Wall shelves are available in many options, from the sizes, styles, colors, and costs. You can choose white, black, walnut, and other finish.

Some of them are available on the market as a ledge set. This choice gives you a more versatile option anytime you want to create a beautiful and artful display.

Most floating shelves have great styles that can work with the most style such as transitional, traditional, and formal spaces. Moreover, the design will echo the molding, the ceiling, and the window trim. So, adding these shelves sometimes help you have a built-in look.

When you want to buy decorative wall shelves, it is good to consider the ideal depth. For your information, the ideal depth of wall shelves that can display your books, artworks, and other decorative objects is 4-inch.

Buying these shelves also mean that you should know about what you will get. Some shelves are available with the mounting bracket, and the important hardware to help you hang them.

Additionally, it is important to check the materials of the shelves. It is good to have shelves constructed from wood along with laminate materials. Keep in mind that it is your concern to focus on the capability of the shelves to hold the weight.

If you want to use it to hold photos, books, and other decorative pieces, make sure that the shelves can support more than 10 pounds of weight.

Once you have found the right product, be sure about the installation process. Is it easy for you to install the shelves? Check out the reviews to know the average time you need. Shelves that are easy to install only need two minutes to complete.

Those are all things you should know about wall shelves. If you have no ideas about how to decorate wall shelves, you can check out our gallery of decorating space using shelves.

image source : pinterest.com

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