155+ Comfy Modern home Office Design Ideas

Technological advances do a lot of work now does not require someone to travel tens of kilometers to sit at the office desk every day. The advantage, you can freely set work time. To keep creativity flowing and productivity working smoothly, you need a comfortable and pleasant home office atmosphere. Home office design at home does not have to be rigid. Various creative and innovative ideas can be poured into a warm, efficient, and flexible workspace. Workspace architectural design must pay attention to lighting, the position of the work desk, the height of chairs and tables, as well as the quietness in the workspace.

The combined workspace saves space compared to separate workspaces. Although united, the clarity of privacy in each work area must be clear and meet the needs and maintain the confidentiality of each. Modern minimalist home office design is perfect for those of you who want a minimalist but not dull workspace. The long table makes the work area more spacious, while the required files and documents can still be stored in drawers. When you are so tired of staring at a computer, you can study data, read books, or take a break at a small desk and chair next to the main work desk. Use a chair with wheels so you can move freely. The matching color of the walls with the furniture and floor makes this home office more neat and elegant.

The window illuminates the room and desk, as well as the view to refresh the mind. Avoid putting too much stuff on the table, so it doesn’t look messy. Instead, place a wooden cabinet that has lots of space that can complement your work area, or you can stick a wooden board on the wall that can be used to put small decorative ornaments. You can use a chandelier that has a wooden decoration that matches the other furniture in your home office.

A home office that is designed with its style will provide comfort, show personality, and uniqueness that makes working at home. There are no restrictions in designing workspaces at home. Design functionally with your style to make it as comfortable as possible to support performance and togetherness in the family.

image source : pinterest.com

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