15 Good Stone Fireplace Ideas for a Cozy Home in 2019

Stone fireplace ideas are available in many styles. You can go with stacked marble fireplace, cast limestone, and others. A stacked stone fireplace means that you can choose natural or manufactured materials.

As its name, it is about the stone ledges with stacked design. The dark and charcoal marble glued to create interlocking panels. This is what you need and it is easy to install. To create a dramatic look in this style, you should stack the stones until it reaches the ceiling.

By doing this, it will draw people’s attention upward. The impact is that the space looks airy and ginormous. You can finalize the design by adding a wood mantel.

Alternatively, you can create a glamorous touch from a stone fireplace. It should complete the living room that reminds you of the hand-sculpted natural stones. Usually, this type of fireplace has human-made limestone. So, you will need architectural concrete. It is one of the best stone fireplace ideas for a sophisticated look.

Additionally, you can create a charming room with a stone veneer for brown, gold, and cream hues. This is what you need to add a rustic and understated twist to your living room with a small fireplace.

A travertine stone fireplace is also available in different shades. You can even find the pale emerald green or the vibrant scarlet to complete your living room design.

Furthermore, it is possible to have a cut firestone design for your fireplace. Fieldstones are rocks from fields. They do not come with flat sides. It means that the stones get minimal shape so the stones can fit together for installation.

Lastly, you can make something more beautiful and smooth, which is a soapstone fireplace. The natural material is less expensive compared to polished marble. It also has unique markings such as veins to give visual interest. For more ideas, check our gallery of stone fireplace ideas.

image source : pinterest.com

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