18 Smart DIY Coasters That Will Fancy Up Your Table Decor

Table decor is what you need to make sure that you have no boring table at your home. This is the best way to personalize your table in your home. Whether you are using a coaster or a table skirt, this is what you need to create a festive dining table or coffee table.

There are many uses of table skirts and coasters. First, they can cover the table. Other than that, the coasters can protect the surface of your wooden table. When you consider adding a table skirt that goes to the floor, it is a good way to help you hide books, lamp cords, and other things underneath the table.

What about coasters for table decor? Of course, it is also useful because the coaster adds fun to space. On the other hand, if you use a tablecloth, make sure that the cloth hangs straightly by setting the chairs a little bit away from your dining table.

A coaster for a side table in your living room is also useful to add colors and mass. Even better, the subtle colors will help a lot to give a splash of colors.

What about a table skirt for a round table? It means that you should cover it with a circle table skirt and then cut to size. After that, it gives a classic and graceful look. Next, it looks great if you add trim, banding, or cording to make a different touch.

The last thing to consider is the materials. If you want to use a table skirt or coasters for your table decor, check out the materials. Silk, velvet, cotton, and fabric drape has a beautiful look.

If you go with a solid color, it will add texture to the table. Meanwhile, if you choose check, stripe, or plaid cover it works for neutral and interesting decor while adding more patterns.

image source : pinterest.com

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