18 Clever Indoor Water Garden Ideas

The indoor water garden is a great addition to your home. It lets you bring the outdoor feel into your indoor. Indeed, you do not have to create an outdoor garden just to show off a fresh look. When you want to create an indoor garden, make sure that you know the right selection of plants.

You can try for heart leaf philodendron as your choice if you want to hang it as your indoor water garden. This plant is easy to care for. Additionally, it looks iconic with its short and broad leaves.

Even better, the plant can grow in different conditions. You can add it as your indoor plant because you can grow it even though you locate it in low light or high light spot.

Remember, this plant cannot tolerate a place under the direct sun. Keep in mind that this plant is poisonous so do not let kids or pets ingest it. It is what you need if you want to add an indoor plant to hang.

How about Chinese evergreen? This one can be your great choice. It does not need too much natural light. It also has variegated leaves. The plant can produce white blooms, red berries and it looks like a very unique plant to bring inside your home.

Additionally, Chinese evergreen does not need too much light. It needs some humidity, and you can support it with a little water if you live in a dry environment.

The advantage of adding this houseplant is that it can remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Since it has calcium oxalate, do not ingest this plant.

Well, there are so many indoor water garden plants that you can choose and they are easy to take care of. You can check our gallery and enjoy some photos to get more inspirations.

image source : pinterest.com

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