18 Lovely A Charleston Single with Simple Contemporary Interior and A Unique Beauty

What can you do to create a contemporary and elegant home design? Well, it is about something modern. Well, the modern interior should be minimalist and cold. At this time, you can create an elegant and contemporary interior design with a welcoming and comfortable feel. It does not mean that you should go with dark and cluttered space. So, it is about how to make your space looks simple, subtle, clean, and sophisticated.

Well, the first thing to know is that the use of texture and lines. Space should have a functional space, not things to add. It other words, it is about how you can focus on space, color, and shape. A contemporary interior should provide fresh and sleek touch. Therefore, it gives an elegant design to anyone who enters the space. There are some basic rules to get contemporary and elegant home design.

First, it is about the choice of colors. You should go with black, neutrals, and white as the main colors. Black is good for grounding. Black is also elegant that you can use it to define a contemporary style. The palette works best if you can support it with bold and bright colors as the accents. After that, pair it with neutrals. There are many wonderful backdrops with bold accessories.

Next, it is about the line and the space. The contemporary interior design should go with the line. Moreover, you can try something vertical or horizontal. It is also possible to complete it with curved shapes. It is about how you can expose the visible and strong lines. Make sure that you choose bold colored blocks, geometric shapes for sculpture and wall art, bare windows, and even high ceilings.

The furniture is also important to think of. So, you are about designing your interior with a contemporary style. Additionally, you should choose simple, clean, smooth, and geometric furniture designs. Check our gallery to get more ideas.

image source : pinterest.com

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