20+ Wondrous Small Solid Wood Sidetable Designs for Your Perfect Room Decor

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Wood side table design is available in many options. We can say that any table located on the side of your furniture, it means a side table. You can find a side table in your living room, next to your chair or sofa.

On the other hand, it is also important to understand that it depends on the height. You can even use a side table as a coffee table or a nightstand if it is added in a small room. Why do you need a side table? It is because you will get a perfect spot to add texture and color.

When you are using a sofa or a chair, you will need the right wood side table with a perfect size. It should have a height that is about one or two-inch elbow the arm of the seat you use. For example, the ideal sofa arm has 24 inches tall. It means that the table should have that height.

When you use any table for a stool, you should choose it with a height of about 16 to 20 inches. However, if you want to use it as an entryway, make sure that it has the height for about 27 to 30-inch.

Besides, you should also focus on width. The width and diameters can be different. The surface width is good if it is about 18-inch across. If you go with a smaller width, it will also reduce the functionality.

If you are using a side table to hold a standard table lamp, the ideal choice is a table with a diameter of about 22 inches. Lastly, you can consider a simple design such as a wood side table.
It offers a sleek and simple look. The table has clean lines to give a soft look to the furniture. You can check out our gallery to find the best way to use a wooden side table.

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