22+ Awesome Latest Minimalist Home Design That Will Not Be Eaten In The End Times

An impressive luxurious home is everyone’s dream home. Having a luxurious house shows someone’s social status so that they can build a house that is not only suitable for living. But it also has more advantages in terms of design, house size, or house area that is classified as an elite area.

However, people’s tastes have now changed. Not only emphasize prestige by having a large house, but it is not sufficient, now people prefer a modern minimalist home design, which are modern home types that have space, full, and also the function of the house more leverage. For reasons of comfort, some people can choose a house that has luxury features, both in terms of material specifications or technology used in it, even though the shape is still minimalist.

Minimalist one-floor home can also be an option for small families or not married. Although only one floor, this house can look beautiful with luxury and modern design. Minimalist home design has a design that is simple, neat, and elegant. What is meant by minimalism here is to have a triangular shape that looks neat and not rundown, like a square or trapezoidal roof?

So that your one-floor house still looks elegant and classy, you can make your home building higher. Large glass windows can also be used to give the impression of spacious as well as good lighting. The choice of wall paint color also influences to make the minimalist home design with a single floor look wider. You should choose neutral or wood colors to look natural.

If you like swimming, having a private pool will undoubtedly be a pleasure. You can swim as you want or relax on a waterbed while you are tired from work. Besides, of course, you do not need to queue to buy an entrance ticket. You also do not need to worry about the cleanliness of pool water or contagious diseases because only your family or close friends you know who swim there. If you are too lazy to swim, you can use the sun loungers to relax and enjoy your weekend.

image source : pinterest.com

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