28+ Amazing Luxury Staircase Design Ideas Modern House

Are you planning to build modern and luxurious terraced houses? If yes, one feature that is essential in building terraced houses is the staircase. You ought to not only have to pay attention to the solid foundation of the right staircase for your home, but you also have to adjust the staircase design to the overall existing interior design concepts.

Nowadays, there are so many variations in the shape of the staircase. The difference is usually a modification from the form of a straight staircase, a curved staircase (spiral), to a circular staircase (helical). These staircase design is so exciting and might make you want to apply the best staircase design ideas at home. But, do not be lulled by its unique shape, you still have to pay much attention to the interior theme of your home, whether it is luxurious or simple.

One of the many staircase design ideas, the helical staircase is perfect for your luxury home. How not? The helical staircase is famous for its elegant bend shape. The concept that is played from a luxury helical staircase is usually a combination of material and color. There are no specific recommendations, and you can combine solid material for stairs and stair railings. For an elegant impression, you can choose beige for the steps and the fence, and black for the border. Using marble floors is undoubtedly expensive, but you can select the ceramic option from carbonate rocks instead. Besides the bottom of the stairs, you can put a coffee table with a desk lamp above it. The yellow lights from the desk lamp will highlight the stairs from below at night; this will add to the luxury view of your home.

Even so, the staircase design of helical-shaped stairs that are popular is the retro-style luxury staircase. The railing is composed of solid colored material. And strong accents emerge from the steps of the steps, usually using patterned wood or glazed ceramic patterns.

image source : pinterest.com

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