30 Incredible Home Office Inspiration Ideas For Men

If you are an office worker and have a lot of work and sometimes it is not finished if only done in the office. So, you make a home office for you to work at home. Offices made by men and women are very different. Starting from the theme, the interior, even the color of the paint used, will be very different. When you see it, you can guess right away the workspace belongs to a man or woman.

For a man, they are making a home office very important, because of a man usually always busy with their work. So it requires a room that makes them comfortable working. The theme of a man’s workspace usually seems dark and masculine. Minimalist themes are chosen by men for their offices. The reason is that in their offices there are not too many items and remain neat. Work desk placed in the corner and forming the letter L can save space. A work desk that faces the window will maximize lighting during the day. And at night through the window, you can enjoy the view of the night sky and stars while you work.

Choosing a darker paint color such as gray, more shows the characteristics of a man. The combination with white on the window frame can make your office not look gloomy because of the dominant dark color. The combination of these two colors can be a home office inspiration for anyone who wants a typical masculine impression of a man. Wooden floors with a dark color are perfect for giving the impression of minimalism. Combined with fur rugs under the work chair, keep your feet warm and comfortable while working.

In addition to a work desk, you can also place a comfortable single sofa for you to stretch your legs after a long time sitting doing your work. This sofa is perfect for a little relaxation in the middle of your tiring work. You can also add wall displays so that your walls are not too empty. So, with a combination of various things can make you happy to linger there and also feels comfortable even though minimalist. Very inspiring, right? Want to make a home office like that?

image source : pinterest.com

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