33 Best Leather Bar Stool Designs With Back

Do you need some tall seating for your home? Then, you should invest your money and have a bar stool. Whether you want to buy the stools on the market or try to make it at home as your DIY project, it is good to have it. You can use it for your kitchen to complete the kitchen counter or Kitchen Island.

Additionally, choosing it for your DIY project is a perfect choice. It is also good for a beginner. You can use many materials and supplies you need. As long as you measure everything carefully and correctly, the DIY stool project is a must for you because you can save your money.

What should you do when it is about trying to find the best stool? Make sure that it comes with the perfect height and standard bar height. This way will make it perfect for your kitchen island.

Also, some designs are available, including a standard stool with clean lines and rectangle seats. This type of stool is great for farmhouse and contemporary houses.
Furthermore, there are some bar stool designs with a modern look. This is what you need if you think that you are looking for something different.

Most modern designs have a futuristic look. It is perfect to place in any space, as well. If you try to make your modern DIY stool, it is good to start by using some plywood and other materials. Even better, if you create it with an ideal size, you can use it as a step stool.

The last design is a free stool with a traditional design. You can see that some stools have a round seat with a two-level design for the footrest. The ideal height is about 33-inches. Therefore, it looks perfect when you place this stool under your kitchen countertop.

You can check out other bar stool designs in our gallery to get more inspiration.

image source : pinterest.com

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