40 Wonderful Wall Book Shelf Design That Make Your a Hobby Read

Bookshelf wall is a great addition that helps you organize your books, files, documents, and others. So, when you are looking for new bookshelf walls, you will have unlimited choices. Therefore, it can be confusing to find the best one.

If you want to have a midcentury modern bookshelf, it is good to have a bookshelf. Make sure it comes with metal tips and tapered design for its leg. Moreover, you can buy inexpensive bookshelf by visiting a thrift store. Furthermore, there are many choices available that you need to spend some dollars to restore its look.

For example, if you find an old bookshelf with coastal style. You can makeover it by using beachy blue enamel and chalk-finish. Keep in mind that anytime you want to stain or paint your old bookshelf wall. Check again and attach any decorative applique. This way will make it more beautiful, not plain.

Make your bookshelf looks much more different by painting it. Additionally, you are not about breaking the rule when you consider choosing two color options. Furthermore, it should be cheerful and vibrant with the burlap back design to give a rustic look.

Another way you can do to make sure that it can steal people’s attention is by painting the wall where you place the bookshelf. If you think that you need something to refresh your bookshelf, try to decor it with paint and make cheetah spots.

Who says that you should be a pro when you want to make your bookshelf looks beautiful? Well, you can stencil it with a vintage suitcase, handmade details, and old crates.

In conclusion, these are all things you should know about how to decorate the bookshelf wall for your space. As you see, there are so many ways to do. If you have no ideas where to start, try to check out our gallery and we hope this can help!

image source : pinterest.com

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