The pinecone decorations are typical to be applied in a home. There are many ideas of the decorations you can get not only from the internet but also from your surroundings. This kind of natural products can be stunning if you know how to create it to beautify the rooms in your house.

The holiday seasons are the time for you to collect the usable pinecone for decorating your house. You can go hiking and find out the perfect cones for it. You don’t need to spend out your money to have the pinecone decorations that can be offered at a high price.

You can start to create your pinecone design items from your home and practice them with your beloved people. You can make the simple ones to warm you up before you go to the complicated ones.

Start with the pom-pom that can be made from the pinecone. This kind of pinecone decorations can be the ornaments for your windows or walls of the living room. Creating it with your children means you have to prepare several colors of the paints. You can hang them on the backyard tree to create the fun vibes of the winter season.

Make the animals craft from the pinecone. The fox will be perfect for making. You can combine the cone with the fabrics that show the colors of the fox. Glue them on the pinecone to make it happen. You can use the crafts to decorate your children’s tables or put them on the dining table as the centre piece of it.

The wreath can be the next pinecone decorations. Arrange the cones you have in a circle shape after you color the cones based on your favorites. Then, stick them together. You can use the silver and gold paints to create a shiny and sparkling wreath on your wall. The wrath can be stunning welcoming decoration for your guest if you place it on the front door of your home.

image source : pinterest.com

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