45+ Best Contemporary Kitchen Design For Your Inspiration

The kitchen is one of the parts in the house that has a vital role for the occupants. In this kitchen, several food items will be processed and cooked into a delicious meal. In the past, kitchen designs were rarely arranged and only became parts that were usually placed behind the house. But nowadays the kitchen is made as good as possible, as comfortable as possible and clean too. There are many concept ideas to decorate a kitchen to look beautiful and comfortable, one of which is the contemporary kitchen design concept.

Contemporary kitchen models are models that are adapted to current developments. In general, this contemporary kitchen has a kitchen table or kitchen islandthe middle of the kitchen. Laying furniture is also very simple without complicated decorations. The material most often used is stainless steel, because it is convenient to clean and last a long time. Not a few also use wood motifs or materials for kitchen walls, kitchen ceilings, and kitchen floors. The use of soft colour and wood as the primary material adds to the warmth of the kitchen and the beauty of the contemporary kitchen design.

Other materials in contemporary design can be from plastic, wood, or other slippery surfaces. Compared to other kitchen models, this contemporary kitchen design looks simpler without a lot of decorations and cooking utensils that are not arranged on the table. To make this kitchen look more colourful, use a flower vase or a small green plant as an accent on the centre table. Part of the kitchen floor is usually also using the wood floor, but back again to the tastes of the occupants and adjusted to other interior spaces.

The contemporary kitchen is following the lifestyle of modern society that moves quickly and is very practical. Lighting is also an essential element in contemporary kitchens, both direct and indirect lighting using lamps. You can use white fluorescent light rods arranged elongated rectangular shape in the kitchen ceiling. Typically, this contemporary kitchen is open, so it looks integrated with other rooms.

image source : pinterest.com

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