43 Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas and Organization Ideas

Have a problem with small bathroom storage ideas? Well, bathroom organization is important, especially if you have a small bathroom design. It is challenging because you have to make sure everything is well-organized so you can do your needs easily.

Ideally, you should provide a space for towels, toilet paper, toothbrush, and other bathroom essentials you use every day. Adding storage is helpful to make sure that everything looks nice and clean. We have collected some inspirational pictures of small bathrooms with efficient storage solutions.

The first thing to do is adding wall-mounted shelves above the toilet. You can buy this shelf or make it as your DIY project. Another option is to have a built custom shelves with no door. So, it is an open shelf that works as an additional storage above the toilet. This is one of the best small bathroom storage ideas that will let you match the shelving design with your bathroom style.

Another way to do is about using a medicine cabinet. It is more functional because you also use mason jars. To do so, you should store items inside the glasses. You can use the vertical space in the cabinet to provide more space. Try having a jar that is for dental care, other for razors, and another for creams or ointments.

The last thing to do is about labeling. It is more than just to make it functional but to give stylish look, as well. Everything has a more appealing design that you can put together. With the addition of containers, jars, and baskets, you will also have small bathroom storage ideas.

Still need more ideas? If you have multiple soap bottles and shampoos, the minimal approach to do is coordinate the bottles. If there is extra floor space available, use it to create a tiered basket tray or tiered organizer. For example, you can use rolling carts for this one.

image source : pinterest.com

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