45+ Inspiring Cool Wall Hanging Decor Ideas Without Spending Money

The wall hanging décor is considered as one of the critical decorations to be thoughtful since it can add the beauty of the house. From the natural material wall hanging until artificial ones can create the beautiful look of the rooms in a home.

The hanging decor ideas can be taken from many pictures of home design interior or even from the movies you watch. Get inspired and apply the decoration onto your wall. If you don’t know how and where to start, you will get more information from this article.

The wall hanging you need can be moneyless if you can maximize the things at your home to be a decoration. Start with the twigs and the branches of the trees that you can get from your neighborhood.

Look for the perfect twigs and branches with a similar size or you can saw them based on your need. After gaining them, you can create a love-shaped wall hanging. Make the more significant branch to be the main handle for your wall hanging.

If you have created the love-shaped hanging, you can color them according to your favorite color. Then, tie them using the plastic or fiber rope to the bigger branch you choose. Then, it is ready to beautify your room.

Another wall hanging decor idea is by using the macramé. Choose the perfect color and the motive of the macramé to be hung on your wall. The white will be classic to bring the humble vibes of your home. This decoration gives you the vintage look of the room.

You can combine the macramé with the plants to green your room. Hang couples of them to make your house look fresh.

If you like collecting the seashells, this is the time for you to make a creation of a wall hanging from them. Besides, you can show your collection into an artistic decoration.

image source : pinterest.com

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