50+ Astonishing Open Plan Kitchen And Living Room Design Ideas

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The open plan kitchen is becoming more and more integrated with other rooms, such as the dining room, or even the family room. The kitchen is one of the best places to socialize with family members and friends. Open plan kitchen and living room design ideas allow everyone who likes cooking to be able to interact with other family members.

The concept of an open kitchen that integrates with the dining room or even the living room and family room, increasingly makes this area very important. The kitchen is one of the "communal" areas that must have the best design to create social comfort. An open floor plan reflects how the kitchen area can also be a shared area that can be fun.

Open kitchen prioritizes the appearance of a kitchen that tends to be spacious, especially for the ceiling area. The ceiling area uses a transparent material so that when daylight comes in entirely and the kitchen and living room become bright without the need for lights. Because it also allows these two rooms to be used all day long both day and night. Don't forget the sizable glass window facing the backyard, adding to the freshness of the kitchen.

Choosing furniture in an open plan kitchen is better to prioritize two things, namely the maximum quality and function. For example, a kitchen table that doubles as a storage rack and can switch tasks into a sweet little dining table. Back to the real open kitchen identity, forget the use of decorations on the kitchen wall. Get rid of unnecessary and only display equipment needed daily in a storage cabinet that contains a lot of stuff.

It is enough to concentrate on the selection of decorations such as eye-catching chandeliers, clean and neat kitchen tables, and also an additional interior decoration that can enhance the atmosphere. You don't need a lot of furniture for the living room. You only need a set of soft sofa with a few pillows and a simple coffee table and vase on it. Choose soft colors like white and baby blue to create a warm and straightforward kitchen and living room.

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