48 Stunning Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Every Design Style

Are you looking for the right bathroom lighting ideas? It is good to know that bathroom needs high quality and the right lighting design. It is the place for doing many things: using makeup, fixing hair, checking your look, and others. Therefore, it is important to find accurate and crisp lighting.

So, what is the effective lighting design for your bathroom? There are some types to go with. There is no single bathroom lighting that can complete all needs. For this reason, you should use a combination of two to three lights to accommodate different functions.

A ceiling light is what you need since this light fixture is for the bathroom ceiling. Usually, we place this type of lighting at the center of the bathroom ceiling. Additionally, you control the light by adding a switch located near the bathroom door.

The ceiling light is one of the important bathroom lighting ideas to offer background lighting. The next type of lighting for the bathroom is wall sconce lights. This is important that you mount them in pairs. You should install it on each side of your bathroom mirror; meanwhile, another is above the sink.

Next, it is bathroom vanity light, located above the mirror in your bathroom. These lights are working on one electrical circuit. So, you use a single light switch to control these lights.

Vanity bathroom is the best lighting that can do all needs. Since the position is above the bathroom counter and bathroom vanity, it is good to illuminate the sink and the countertop.

Most bathrooms at this time have pre-wired vanity lights. It is easy to install bathroom vanity light because you just have to mount the light on the electrical box with decorative or hidden screws.

Other bathroom lighting ideas are chandelier and recessed lights. If you want to get more inspirations, we think it is good to take a look at the pictures in the gallery.

image source : pinterest.com

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